Studio background

The Studio continues the editorial work of the Polish Newsreel (Polska Kronika Filmowa-PKF) and documentaries that were in operation until December 31st 1990 within the structures of the Documentary and Feature Film Studio (Studio Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych) in Warsaw. In 1991, two state owned film institutions were established: KRONIKA Film Studio and WIR Film Studio that were successful at producing documentaries. Until December 1994, the KRONIKA Film Studio continued to produce the Polish Newsreel (PKF). This was also made possible by the close cooperation with the Public Television, which was a co-producer of over hundred documentaries in addition to broadcasting PKF. In 2005, WIR Film Studio was dissolved and KRONIKA Film Studio took over its archives. In the same year, the National Film Institute was established and the forms of film financing underwent modifications. In 2010, the Studio was transformed into a state treasury company which hindered its development. Since 2016, the Studio has been again a national cultural institution.

Statutory activities

The Studio is the National Institution of Culture and has responsibilities specified in the Statute (see – bip icon). Education and dissemination of the film culture have been developed into individual tasks that give an overall picture of the Studio’s line of business. These tasks are being carried out in cooperation with a number of state and municipal governments as well as non-governmental institutions and private partners. This is possible thanks to the archive resources of the Studio and new productions. We are also able to run business activities (§ 12 of the Statute) that support the Studio’s day to day operations and its mission.


When the production of the weekly editions of Polish Newsreel ended in December 1994, the Studio began to record important events in the political and business life of Poland as well as facts of more local character. The notations filmed with the camera on light-sensitive 35mm tape represent hours of film archive of our country. A small proportion has been made available in SD resolution to the general public on the bezkomentarza.eu website. They all require digitizing to HD quality and greater in the light of technological demands of modern production and broadcasting.


Since its inception the Studio continuously produces films and documentary series of historical, social and patriotic character, whose authors are prominent documentary filmmakers. Many of these films were created in the past with the co-production by the Public Television and they represent half of the Studio’s archive. Another line of business are documentary films acquired from the now defunct WIR Film Studio. Together they form a large resource of the Polish film culture. They are partly available on the topdocfilm.com website.

Completed film productions

Film notations

Editions of the Polish Newsreel

Awards at film festivals

The notations are audiovisual materials produced by the KRONIKA Film Studio in the years 1995 – 2012. They are film records of state and municipal events, political, business, social and cultural life, celebrations of historic anniversaries, non-government projects and the transformation taking place in Poland. 


Studio Filmowe KRONIKA Polska Kronika Filmowa is located in Warsaw, Poland at
21 Chełmska street, building 4, office 28

Managing Director – Joanna Skierska

telephone: +48 22 841 14 91
e-mail: sfkronika@onet.eu

Head Accountant – Danuta Skrzypek

telephone: +48 22 851 11 05
e-mail: sfkronika@onet.eu

Production Specialist – Barbara Ławska

telephone: +48 22 851 11 05 / +48 22 841 14 91
e-mail: sfkronika@onet.eu

Contact details:
Studio Filmowe KRONIKA Polska Kronika Filmowa
00 -724 Warsaw, ul. Chełmska 21
RIK: 94/2016
NIP: 525 000 77 09


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