Little brother Karel

Little brother Karel

A film about Karel Kryl, a singing bard of the two Czech revolutions – the Prague Spring in 1968 and the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Like his friend, Jacek Kaczmarski, he was the voice of the people adding strength in difficult times of totalitarianism. He was the contemporary voice of dissidents and thus part of the history of those times. There are many analogies in the history of this period in Poland and the Czech Republic. Karel Kryl is a pretext to show the moments when our history and culture came together. Karel Kryl regularly visited Poland and maintained contacts with Polish dissidents. In addition to the mutual exchange of views they were inspiring one another. This is an interesting example of the unifying role of culture.

Film duration:
Polish version 56’, Czech version 76’

Director – Krystyna Krauze
operator – Jacek Petrycki feature pictures
– Daniel Sperl documentary pictures
sound on location – Wojciech Cwyk
montaż – Jan Mikołąj Minorowicz
production year: 2016

producer: Studio Filmowe Kronika
co-producers: Odra-Film
Produkce Treštíková s.r.o.
Česká televize
the film has been co-financed by:

The Dolnośląski Film Competition from the funds of
The City of Wrocław and the Dolnośląskie Province

The City of Gdańsk

The film has been co-financed by the Polish Institute of Film Art.



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