Osso moje Osso (Osso my Osso)

Osso moje Osso (Osso my Osso)

In the film we show the Ossolińskich National Library, one of the most important institutions of the Polish science and culture, which has been in existence almost from the beginning of the nineteenth century. After the Second World War and as a result of the shift of Polish borders to the east, it was divided into two separate entities – the National Science Library of Vasyl Stefanyk in Lviv and another one which was established after the war in Wrocław, where many Poles from Lviv were relocated. It was the continuation of the former Ossolińskich National Library, which obtained a proportion (about one third) of the collection of the Lviv foundation.

The film shows the rich history of Ossolineum and its collections in Lviv and Wrocław. Another important aspect is the portrayal of the current situation and the exemplary cooperation of Poles and Ukrainians from both institutions. It also shows these two beautiful cities, full of monuments and history. The film depicts the drama that touched the Poles from Lviv, who had to leave their small homeland and create a new one in a different place. It was also beautiful and despite the geographical, historical and architectural differences had much in common with the place they had left.


Screenplay and direction

Jan Strękowski


Paweł Banasiak

Edited by

Urszula Rybicka

Sound on location

Lech Piekarski

Recording and sound

Przemysław Jaworski                                  

The film has been co-financed by

The Dolnośląski Film Competition from the funds of

The City of Wrocław and the Dolnośląskie Province




Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Department of Cultural Heritage and Department of Arts Promotion


Studio Filmowe KRONIKA



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